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With the global transition towards an environmentally-friendly economy, there are plenty of opportunities in commercializing low-carbon solutions. Founded in 2005, Greentins® is a pioneering innovator in the environmental protection industry, specializing in the research, development, and innovation of environmentally friendly solutions and products.

“Currently, we carry two locally researched and developed products: GT-Microalgae® Reactor System and G-Moss®. We are the only company in Hong Kong that provides a CO2 reduction system which purifies and instantly reduces CO2 levels in ambient air, thus improving indoor air quality,” said Founder Thomas Tin.

In recent years, as people pay much more attention to environmental issues and sustainable development, the HKSAR Government has provided various supports to the industry. “Apart from this, we are also happy that organizations from different sectors are supporting each other,” said Tin.

For instance, Greentins has collaborated with CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories since 2021 to contribute to the realization of carbon neutrality in Hong Kong.

“Through the use of our GT-Microalgae® Reactor System, the indoor air quality will be greatly improved with the reduction of the carbon dioxide content in the air – by up to as much as 5,500kg per year, hence reducing carbon emissions effectively,” Tin explained.

To attract and encourage companies to invest more resources to participate in achieving carbon emission reduction, CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories will issue a Carbon Reduction for Environmentally Friendly Enterprises Certification to organizations that have installed the GT-Microalgae® Reactor System. Tin added that Green Carbon Token and Voluntary Carbon Credit verified by CMA Testing & Certification Laboratories will also be accorded to those companies.

It has not all been smooth sailing on the journey to success. The company has faced several challenges over the years, such as rising operating costs, supply chain and skilled labour shortages, etc. However, with perseverance, faith and “perception of life,” Tin said the company has managed to overcome the difficulties. “These abilities feed each other in a continuous loop that will inevitably lead you to success. There is nothing good or bad, it is only how we perceive them,” Tin said.

Looking ahead, Greentins® will continue to innovate and supply carbon-negative solutions to help organizations achieve their goals for 2050 Hong Kong Climate Action Plans. “With our vision of building a cleaner and more sustainable future, we aim to create an affordable, serene and healthy space in today’s high-density urban environment that will continue to enhance the quality of life in the future,” he explained.

Tin added that one of the reasons the company joined HKGCC was to bring the carbon-negative solutions to the rest of Hong Kong’s business community, which shares the same values in combating climate change.


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